Ealrier this year, around August, I had to run about 32 blocks in order to catch the first Seabus. I told this to Silas, and he was
enthralled. Now that he doesnt skateboard, it seems he's been finding new stunts to pull outside of skating. The past couple weeks
he's been talking about beating the record. I told him if he beat it I'd buy him a pizza. It was on...

The actual run is from the corner of the Timmy's on Queens, to the Quay at Lonsdale.

The starting position.

Gluggs, Angus and I followed in Gluggs car

I guess because we were driving slow the cops ran a plate check, and pulled us over right at the beginningof the run.
major bummer. It turned out Gluggs insurance was expired.

We were forced to ditch Gluggs while his car was getting towed, and hastily cab down as fast as we could to meet si
at the bottom.

Alas, he didnt make it. 16 minutes was the time. He vows to try for the record again, and the pizza more importantly.