The streets of Mar are deserted these days.

These are actually pretty tasty.

My room.

By the way, W. is coming to town! It's a summit of the Americas, and the whole thing happens to take place within one coty block of where of apartment is. They have the whole city on lockdown, meaning they don't let anyone in to certain areas where the leaders are staying and signing various documents who don't live there. When we leave a five block radius of our place, a complete border check is neccesary three times! The amount of security they have here is about three times the population. And I'm talking full out riot gear police. Enough to invade an unprepared small ex-communist country. This is the hottel where the leaders are signing the documents. The Cadilac Limo is the Presidents' car.

We thought it was funny that the Canadian Consulate car had a dreamcatcher in the dash.

One of the security checkpoints.

And another... The way it broke down was, there were three different sections of police one had to go through. One, the Police, pictured here, second, the Military, then the National Guard.

This was right when the signing was going on, like I was saying. Friday, 9 AM.

Pictured here the night previous.

The media, of course, was in full presence.

I think he saw me.

This was where the main prostest was going to be. It's kind of strange when you're a tourist watching people try for their lives to get past the police, and I'm eating a pastry on the other side.

There were about 12 of these littered throughout the inner lining of the secure zone.

Snipers on the roof above the hotel.

Tristan flipped off the W. as he drove by. He wasn't too thrilled. Write me some letters in jail.

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