I like to sample the local cuisine when I visit a country. There are several differences if you havn't noticed already. They offer "The Big Tasty", which is the largest mcdonalds burger ever offered. From reports, I've learned that they are indeed tasty too. The Cheddar burger is also offered, which is very similar to the Quarter Pounder. This is not entirely the case as my associate has later informed me. They offer a different kind of fabricated cheese, which is close to Cheese Whiz. The onions are fried on this tasty treat. The fries and drinks come in smaller portions, and supersizing is done seperately between the fries and the drink. So one can have large fries, and just a medium drink. However, the drinks are not refillable, and the writer feels the large drinks are not quite enough to quench my thirst after the copius amount of salt he prefers on his burger and fries. Salads are an option of course, and seem quite popular too. It seems they have less promotional offers, like burger of the day here. Rather dissapointing. The workers are of the same dimwitted status as Canada though.

Mccafe is here. Located usually within 12-16 feet of the main tills. They over iced coffee beverages, floats, and coffee.

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