woke up in baja this morning

dan rogers brought his kids. it's a bit of a different vibe this year.

jayden proceeded to steal my camera and thankfully grab a bunch of photos of everyone for me.

starting with me.

i told her to make sure everyone looks cool. nailed it.

kristy always looks good though.

kevin too

and geoffrey

save for a few core members, our cast usually includes a few randoms every year. i don't really remember this guy but im sure he was nice

the OG's went for a drive.

im always on the hunt for a good piña. this palapa did not have a good piña.

donde estan los banos?

heath was hot doggin' it through the sand on our way back to the highway and hit a rock

the rental was bleeding to death

too gnarly

calling a tow truck in mexico is an ordeal.