slept beneath the 10 freeway, just west of ramah and woke up to another foggy morning.

we're on the home stretch now and should make morgan city, louisiana tomorrow.

june can't wait.

we had seen video where the atchafalaya looked like a scenic forest bayou but we soon realized that video was shot much closer to the gulf than we would get

and our experience on this river would just be a slower, less congested, muddier version of the mississippi with no sandbars or suitable riverbanks to camp on.

the last time we had serious rain was at the beginning of the trip and at the time, seeing heath, jeffy and patrick all rowing and paddling in the rain looked bizarre to me - an activity that under normal conditions can look peaceful, calming and serene instead looked like some sort of hectic nightmare.

i was too frazzled to shoot any film and had been regretting it ever since. i desperately wanted one more chance to shoot in a rainstorm and it looks like ill be getting my wish shortly.

i asked patrick to drive and hopped in heath's boat

and watched him row calmly into the storm.