woke up in a fog.

we sat and listened to the invisible freight traffic pass by.

we would have to wait.

heath loves to wait

so we waited,


and continued to wait for what felt like forever.

in the hopes that it would be more scenic, we decided to take the atchafalaya river for the last leg of our trip. we were about 50 miles north of baton rouge and had heard only horror stories about the state of the river there,
that the frieght traffic was even more congested and intense so we opted to take the calmer route to the gulf.

this will be our last morning on the mississippi and we're all itching to get going.

the fog finally burned off and we found ourselves on the lower old river in what would be the last lock and dam of our trip, joining the mississippi to the atchafalaya.

it would be the longest and creepiest lock of the whole trip. it echoed, creaked and heaved while we waited patiently to get through.

due to the long wait this morning, we only made it 27 miles today. but just as the sun started to go down, we came out of the old river and found a sandy perch to watch the sun set over the atchafalaya.

it seems we were foolish to think we'd be free of the freighters.

day and night.