morning in portland

beans surprised everybody and showed up on this amazing 1985 Honda Goldwing.

this would be braeden's last stop. we left him playing alone in the street.

free man

no question, the goldwing rules

pete had to call home to the honda dealership to put a deposit down.

trying to find crater lake, where we were supposed to meet keegan nearly 5 hours ago.

found the crater.

we were so distracted by it's majesty that we forgot about keegan

and harv had to pull his wang out and salute

nothin' like living on the edge with your junk exposed.

safe to say that we found our man.

haven't seen this guy in six years.

we all went for a swim in the pristine puddle

where with no creeks or rivers feeding it, it has sat for millions of years collecting rain and snow

and perhaps a dash of beer and urine.

a fellow free spirit

these are the good 'ol days

we ate dinner on the outskirts of the crater but the boys are burnt

so we rode for an hour or so into the night and keegan somehow found us a flawless turnout down a wooded path

and the boys assumed the position.