expecting the arid overpopulated metropolitan dustbowl,
i never imagined india could be so lush. kerala was a
complete shock to my prejudices.

because the postcard perfect road was no wider than our bicycle paths back home, you are
forced to take them slow and cautiously - soaking up each and every vista, each grander
than the last, in all their resplendent glory.

pineapple spears with cayenne pepper.

moments after seeing the previous sign, i came upon an accident on the road. a car and a
motorcycle had collided head on, throwing this man and his female passenger from their
bike. she was cut up, in tears and with a broken foot, trying unsucessfully to rouse the man
but he wasn't breathing. when the people in the car picked him up to move him to this
shelter, there was a pool of blood under his head.
with the unpredictable and frenetic nature of the traffic here, i expected to see an accident
sooner or later but that didnt make it any easier to stomach.