i haven't seen harvey for at least two years, maybe even closer to three. he moved back to edmonton and settled down for a minute with a real job and a girlfriend.
we always talked about doing another motorcycle trip but it never seemed to work out. i couldn't be happier to see el diablo again.

bad boy lloyd has been a bad boy and run afoul of the law only days prior to departure.

he will not be joining us to alaska.

arto rode up from LA in 2 days to meet up.

my first bike trip with beans. #artofoto

we got off to a bad start and separated from arto, beans and the documentary crew.

harv's new badass chopper bobber chopper

hardtailin' it all the way to alaska.

harv's tired and we're only in whistler.

back on the road.

patrick wussed out right away and put on a snowsuit.

these guys are working on a documentary and are filming part of the trip.

having done the whole ride now, i can honestly say that this section from whistler through lillooet was the nicest ride of the whole trip.

trip MVP's hands down

made it to cache creek for the night.