today is devin's birthday. pano, barnge, kenny, devin and i drove up to sooke potholes to rendevous with some other
bros for a hoedown.

the birthday boy looking tough as nails.

the other fools havent arrived yet, so we were to set off without them. hopefully allan would help find them later.

a pensive parking lot picture.

this was the first swimming hole that we encountered. not good enough for the boys.

but we stopped anyway and ate devin's birthday cake.

europa model barnge.

we took a strange detour off the trail in hopes of a secret pothole.

we bushwhacked for about 20 minutes before coming out to an area in between two swimming holes.

pano gets comfortable among some awfully uncomfortable looking terrain.

the allan. a gordon head bro call. it always works. without fail.

of course, the allan worked and the rest of our crew came out of the woodwork.
pictured: jared, greg, cookie, matt baer, barnge, devin, kenny, pano and roger.

kenny hopped around the rocks with unbridled energy. pausing only to point the way for the stragglers.

while we were jumping from boulder to boulder, barnge slipped and fell in. cell phone, camera gear and all. bummin.

we made it to our swimming hole of choice. it just so happened to be filled with gordo locals.

matt baer takes his time.


the sun started to set, so we hiked up hill to lurk the burned out hotel perched high on the hill.


barnge from above.

asians. classic.

we thinned out the herd and went out for a more intimate bromantic dinner.

turns out it was ben's birthday also. happy birthday bros.