it was gorgeousness and georgeosity made flesh and adobe.

i gaze backward not of wanting, but of assurance that one day she will be mine.

the hard rock is good for a gaze.

of course, we cant help but succumb to the usual "tourist traps." we went for
a ride in one of the many glass bottom boats, or 'water taxis' that take you out
and around to the more private sites of cabo.

spot the curmudgeon.

the most popular tourist image of cabo. the dinosaur drinks gently from the pacific.

the pacific window.

lovers cove; a beach only available by water taxi.

the last spot of land on the baja.

after seeing lover's cove by boat, we knew we had to come back. so we bought some
snorkels, sped home to retrieve our costumes and headed back to the beach.

oh glorious serenity, take me.