as loreto's charm wears off, monique and i decided to make the 6 hour drive to
cabo san lucas; a popular party destination on the southern-most tip of the baja.

earlier this morning, a bro in town hooked monique and i up with our very own
mexican drivers licenses. if all goes well, i may be able to convince icbc that i have
been living in mexico for some time and would like my embarrassing "novice" title
dropped from my license. wish me luck.

the first stop on the road; constitucion.

we made the mistake of stopping for food. mexico is not known for cleanliness.

monique ordered a fajita?

a treat.

we got the fuck out of constitucion quickly.

mexico may seem like a lawless country compared to the police nation we live in, but i believe it
to be an example of how good things could be if we didnt allow our government and police force so much power.
it can be a double-edged sword, but at least i don't get nervous driving past the police here.

we checked into the los arcos on the malecon in la paz. this is luis. i took the same photo
of him last year:

keeping it pretty real id say.