is this truly the case? or is it more evidence of our collective agenda to
constantly shift blame further and further away from ourselves? parents no longer
have to rear their children, because theyre all born with ADD anyway.
and such a chemical affliction in the brain surely can't be corrected by stern and
informed parenting, can it? or course not! bring on the medication.
are events in your life bringing you down? don't waste your time re-evaluating the way you
live your life, take the pills and numb yourself to any sensation whatsoever.
feeling nothing is better than feeling sadness, isn't it? is sadness not as important
a reflex as pain? is it not there for a purpose? probably not. fuck it.

i am home.

i am a bastard and missed claire's birthday party. so we went to farm's for a bit
of a night cap.

farm's sitar.

hot shit stud deluxe.