we checked out of the westin and went to the upper west side so angus and i could get another
hotel room for the next couple of nights. then walked back downtown.

this morning, we went to the museum of modern art or: MOMA.

angus wasn't feeling so hot so we left.

street dog.

graydon left us, so angus and i met hampton and company at some modern art gallery.

tait borsos pictures. photo by hampton fancher.

hampton's lady friend has an in at the blue owl, so we were let in the vip room and fed free drinks.

this is hampton fancher, best known for writing blade runner. epic gentleman.

angus and i poked at him all night to explain the importance of modern expressionist art. id like to believe that i understood....somewhat.

suzanne, the painter was also trying to enlighten me.

another one of hampton's cronies; mario, took angus and i to an epic penthouse party. more free drinks! holy shit.

this is mario, the bulgarian composer. hampton says that bulgarian's are also too stupid to understand abstract expressionist painting.

we went to his studio in soho. seriously amazing

mario was completely smashed. wasted. he just jumped on the piano and pounded out this insanely fast rachmaninoff piece. hooooooly moses.

angus and i hauled the bulgarian's carpet around while he scooted in the parkade. gnight.