in an effort to spice up the last couple of weeks, a bunch of us went forest golfing.
i know, i know; already been done. ruuuuuuunnnning out of ideas.

kenny's foot is bumming, but he made the trek in true warrior fashion.

more participants.

the land of promise.

jeremy came out also.

a sack of balls.

back to the shire for equipment.

upon first hearing bongos at the hill climb, we suspected the satanists. the timid yet frightening goth nerds who chant oh-holy nonesense
to the dark prince. but it was just some randoms.

cookie bumdarts swinging his rod at someone else's balls.



ill try to avoid further sexual innuendo.

the randoms let us join in their fire.

barnge took charge of the balls. huh huh huh.

back at the broshire.

a denny's nightcap was in order.

everyone was pretty exhausted. but not exhausted enough to indulge is some greasy shite food.

maya's blazed.

life is currently lackluster; devoid of spice in any regard. fucking shoot me.