woke up early to get into the apple classes at NAB.

this is a view of the south hall. 1 of 3 2 story buildings that all look like this. the scope of this thing is hard to handle.

the name; "national association of broadcasters" may be deceiving. this is
just an all out nerd-fest for anyone into any aspect of media as a whole.

ill go ahead and forewarn anyone who isn't a geek that this may be a bit dull.

all the big names are here: apple, adobe, microsoft, etc. and they're all
competing for the shows's thunder by releasing some pretty incredible software
throughout the week.


the apple of my eye. im truly addicted. i can't ever get enough of apple. their obsessive
attention to detail throughout every aspect of their company astounds me. i overheard some employees bitching
about the brass at apple pulling out rulers when going over company letterhead and mail and would demand
changes if margins were even 1mm off.

yesterday, apple announced that final cut studio 2 is upon us. lately, theyve been announcing products before they are ready to ship, ala iphone, appletv and now final cut studio 2, which won't be ready to ship until next month.

among all the new technologies theyve just realeased is a codec called prores422 which can handle 2k and 4k footage to be edited in final cut. it's fucking unreal. 1TB of 4k footage was compressed to 160GB and you actually couldnt tell. they had a pice of footage running on the screen; the left side was uncompressed, the right side was compressed and you couldn't see the line. at all.

REDone digital cinema was here. they independently designed a created the fist 4k camera.

there was a 2 hour lineup to get in their booth! considering that no other booth in the 3 buildings of this expo even had a line,
that's pretty crazy. everyone's jazzed up about this camera. people were hurling out reservations. the whole rig is close to $30,000
and dude's were just like "put me down! i want one!"

i left the south hall and had to take a shuttle to central hall to check out cameras, lenses and tv's.

this was in panasonic's area of the central hall. panasonic was showing some of their new
HD plasma tv's; some as big as 150". ive never been impressed with all the new cutting edge
tv technologies; i think most modern tv's look like absolute shit, but the
new models that panasonic had on display were unreal. the ones in this photo are
meant for storefronts i believe. im actually surised we havent already seen this kind
of advertising in stores.

panasonic's HD event. because this a media expo, everyone's all shit over HD.

talking about the HVX from 2005. panasonic just relased a bunch of new HD cameras
aimed at television and news media outlets. their obviously touting P2 storage as well
which honestly seems to be the up and coming standard in HD acquisition, but only time will tell.
it's certianly the most convenient of all storage mediums, but also one of the most
expensive. a 16GB P2 card runs about $900USD.

ty evan's HD video of daryl angel was showing at the schneider (century) optics booth.
i don't know what kind of format they had it in, but it was playing on a fairly small
display and looked disgusting. they were mainly running it to show the use of an
"extreme" wide angle lens, and i suppose the fact that it was HD was of little concern to them.

o' connor.

these women were paid to sit in these faux television sets all day.

i headed back to the south hall to stare at more apple gear.

this is their training classroom where you can sign up for some half hour training
sessions on final cut studio 2. i got a chance to use most of the new features, and in true
apple fashion they are amazing and i don't see how i lived without them before.

another reason i can to vegas was to see walter murch. he is giving a speech at the
final cut pro user group super meet at the venetian tomorrow night. i wasn't aware
that he would also be running one of apple training sessions. he ran you through some
of his process and let you cut a scene from cold mountain with him. fucking amazing, honestly.

the man.

the fact that he successfully cut apocolypse now back in the day when digital editing
didn't exist makes him almost god-like.

my friend jamie and i went to caesar's palace to shop and eat.

the hotel had a fake sky painted on the roof. it really decieves you sometimes, and while
it might seem a bit cheesy, it's actually effective at brightening the place up and is quite nice.

security guard on segway.