barnge is capable of some fucked up faces.

we left miles' to head to the bro house.

classic mk.

it's official. barnge barnged himself for life.

after four years, silas finally gets paid in the newest vancouver epic; "sk8life: van city."

asshole shades.

a typical night at the brotel that is the borsos household.


danny empey.

born again blazer.

this is essentially a perfect portrait of smokestack. what may not be immediately apparent to the
untrained eye, is the mysterious figure looming in the background. the fella in question is the
character so affectionately refered to as "lunch buddy" or just "buddy." he's the one responsible for the
regular blaze sessions at the brotel. a remarkably punctual chap, he's known to arrive at a designated time
not a second late, with pot for everyone to smoke. then, like a fart in a windstorm, he disappears into thin air;
only to arrive again later in the day to repeat this beloved routine.

another amateur, smokestack ventures into new territory and loves every minute of it.