smokestack is an upstanding kinda guy. he plays by the rules. they boy doesnt start
drinking until the day of his 19th birthday, then i find him alone at denny's pounding back
kahlua and coffee's. that was last night. this is tonight, and hes into the sauce again.

he's about 1/2 way into the bottle and isnt feeling well. things are getting hazy.

"im not enjoying myself."

nevermind, he's kosh.

"joe, i love you, man."

manager was giving us the evil eye. or it may have been the "i hate my job" eye. who knows.

we wanted to go visit silas and trevor, but we figured they had probably reefed already
and would be making food, chilling hard and playing video games. we had to come up
with something else.

we decided to go to the beach to meet stack's lady friend and her companions.

thats not stack's lady friend, that's jamie. miles is fucking pumped that i got the bright eyes rarieities album.

joe is way too badass.


stack was still drunk when we left him. cheers.