tonight is thanksgiving dinner at the union club. the fam is looking slick.

dank desserts.

gotta keep em pimp.

the union club would be the sickest place to smoke. and you know, talk business with
portly, esteemed baby boomers from around town. stogies in the lounge, right? well, since
the CRD started fucking with things, you can't even smoke in a place as exclusive and kick ass
as this. how are you supposed to delegate a meeting or command a simple conversation without
a massive bloody cigar in your hand? fuck.

the only place you can smoke on the premises now is on the 3rd floor "rooftop garden."

giving thanks.

smoke while i pee? i think so!

stayed at the sea view by mt. doug tonight. suzie, devin and matt baer came to hang.

we watched metalocolypse. stack, if you read this, check it out.