tonight was teiji, lauren, christian, fiona and conlan's art show at the famed 5050.
more kids are now shopping in jetski's laundry basket.

look at those eyes. bitches are powerless to grimace's sultry eyes and golden locks.

zoe and co.

conlan has skills. art skills. pencil skills.

harvey has skills. photo skills. coercion skills.

farmer. looking pleasantly oblibious.

even silas came for this schindig!

fuck ben! coming sooner than youd like.

barnge and his bird.

"i love you more"
"no, i love you more!"
"no, I DO!"
"fuck you!"
"c'mere and gimme a kiss, baby"

this piece would look nice in my room, next to my che guevera poster.

suzie q. myspace love.

the ps2 doesn't work!