we ate breakfast at rose's diner in reedsport.

in reedsport, there is a very fun skatepark. keegan's thrasher cover was taken there.
we skated it after breakfast.

we drove away from reedsport and into eugene. or.

this is bim. he showed us the way to the skatepark and we were all amused by his sharp wit.

we dropped bim off at the bowling alley after the skatepark session. hes a league champ and
is soon on his way to regional finals. catch you on tennesee time, bim.

everyones getting bangers on the 10 10 rails in eugene and brennan is reading. i can't really blame him
he is reqading the best book ever.

this is a baby slug in kenny's mouth. i believe a ramen was rewarded.

trevor put a smoke out on his hand. welcome to the team, boy.