wine and kraft dinner make for interesting vomit. this was harvey's specimine.

a swimming hole sounded promising. we were looking for century lake. the sign said 1 mile. it has been an
hour and a half...where the fuck are we?

ive never been so uncomfotably hot in my life. meandering unknowingly for hours with a blow dryer on your face.

we have clearly passed our destination. lying just over yonder was the site where they filmed mash.
we were about to give up looking for the lake, but turning heel and heading back without a swim could be potentially fatal.

i dunno, what do you wanna do?

we finally found the cursed place. the thrill of sighting water was bittersweet as the water was clearly full of some type of sewage.

trevor took a shit in the woods. that's right, this is shit. this is the rawest example of the garbage everyone has been eating that you will get.

there isn't anything to skate in malibu. malibu is like the duncan of skate spots. later, malibu.