luckily, i sit in the passenger seat. everyone stinks. all is moist and untidy. i suppose tidy is relative;
were pretty much as tidy as we can be. rolling max capacity is undesireable.

dhomme changing room.

we went for a stroll in beverly hills. this is where the money is. i find myself longing for $700 sweaters.

this is a rarity for us. a real luxury. the idea of sitting down to eat in a restaurant that doesnt offer a dollar menu
doesn't sit well for our gang.

stuffed beyond belief with burritos and enchiladas.

tonight, we will sleep in the malibu state park; 1.5 miles from where m*a*s*h was filmed.

we were busted by park rangers for drinking and had our beverages emptied. with 12 deep,
no one seemed to care