ive always wondered about those crazy scientologists, so, harvey, brennan and i
decided to go get one of those free personality tests. the test was followed by a personal
one-on-one consultation and discussion of your results. the three of us are pretty depressed apparently...no shit.
harvey was apparenlty asked wether or not he had ever thought of fucking a horse? i was told i had suffered GREAT loss as a youngster,
which is frankly untrue.

our "auditer" was inable to really explain much of anything, and his strangley repetitive comments were
later explained by an auditer instructional dvd that he put on for us for some reason.

there they are.

theyre tiny

after a quick porn brake, we set out to find the staples ledge.

you wouldn't believe these things. fucking unbelieveable.

reynolds spot 8. switch 180.