in case i hadn't mentioned, we are in hollywood now.

brennan has joined our merry gang. here we are lurking up one of ethan's spots. we don't skate any famous
spots, we just lurk them hard.

sylmar rails.

these rails are absolutley gorgeous. flawless, small and perfect. no wonder theyve been nollieflip kd and nollie front blunted.

the porn simply does not end. how does one deny 24/7 free porn? it's tough for sure, but our collective attention is definately waning.

tonight, everyone's getting wasted and cruising the avenue of the stars.

weve gone from 15 year olds to stoners to fat lesbians to just plain ol fashioned hookers.

"you guys in a rock band or something?"
"yeah, we're 'the clap' "
"oh, no shit, ive got the clap!"

this is the obligitory hollywood section.


zane doesnt know who this is, but he wanted in on the action.