we lurked around chinatown today. chinese people stink. they absolutely reek. smelliest ethnic persuation ever.

chinamen keep the fish alive and out of water.


chinamen hate having their picture taken.

apparently shitloads of celebrities have been to this random hair salon in the heart of chinatown.

waits was here!

zane buys porn.

zane watches porn.

ollie is nuts.

everyone got footage here.

needless to say, san francisco has epic hill bombs. they werent high priority for us, but we hit a few.


this is mona, hannah and francesca.

this is hannah. hannah let us stay at her house tonight. thanks hannah.

OPIE! how random is that? opie has been living in frisco for a couple months i believe. we couldn't
figure out if it was him or not at first, but, sure enough, it was. he acted as the much needed skateboard tour guide.
his extremely thrifty and helpful nature ensured we always had cheap food to eat and good stuff to skate. thanks a
shitload, opie.


hannah's hilarious little brother had a pet snake.