today we started off at 3rd and army. a hot and smelly day on the bay.


after an exhausting skate, some decided to go swimming. i lurked embarcadero for a bit.

this guy would jump out of his bushes at unsuspecting tourists and scare them. people laughed and paid him money.

dave chapelle lurking.

later, dave. call me, maybe we'll do lunch.

your humble narrator.

we went hunting for fort milley. bank to bar. brad staba tailslide and 5-0. took forever to find it.

the sun was setting and i will now inundate you with photographic evidence.


the palace of the legion of honour.

what the hell....

graham hates to shower. he prefers to wash his nuts with a tea towel in the common room of the hotel.

the gents are getting liquored tonight.

edmonton zane.