today we will make it to san francisco.

holy shit! the bridge!

obligitory tourist shot.

here we are. we've made it to town. i fear the trip may be headed downhill from here as confrontations
with police and security are bound to increase as we near the los angeles area. perhaps we will stay here
longer than initially planned. it really is a beautiful city. all the hype is well deserved.

and im stuck in folsom prison and time keeps draaagin' on.

brian gaberman? anyone?

kickflip in is nuts. much skinnier than youd think.

the best thing about this city is you can just skate everywhere.
numerous sculptures and objects to be conquered at every turn.

and of course there are epic lurkers all about.

we ended the days session at this epic flat ledge. unfortunately, we got the boot. the hype
stays alive as we search high and low for a reasonable place to pitch our tent.