zane is usually the last one up.

included 15% gratuity? are you fucked? fuck you johnny rocket.

no food. no money. he wasn't even hyped when we gave him a banana. this was the face he pulled
after we handed it to him. i know life's got you down, but dude, BANANA.

this guy saved our life. a lesson in life; be prepared. we were on the road with not a jack nor a tire iron. our hubcap
was making a weird noise and needed to be removed. alas, we did not have the tools, so we borrowed a tire iron from
a 711 employee and nearly broke our axle trying to remove the wheel while the van was still planted on the ground. smart
fucking kids we are. then, hunter thompson pulls up in his auto wrecker truck, hoists the van up on the sling, takes our hubcap
off and gives us a jack and a tire iron for $10. epic dude. wouldn't it be awesome if that airplane just blew up right now?