with everyones patience tried and funds dwindled, we finally left, sans 1 camper. onward and southward we go,
on the road much travelled to see what many skateboarders lust after; smooth, crackless concrete, miniature
handrails and an abundance of titties swimming in the sun.

nows the time for bonding to begin. bros before hoes. love all around. JUST BEAUTIFUL.

a commanding presence. a force to be reckoned with. a 3rd level dragon master.

timbo was on our ferry. he was headed to some ragga fetivula.

moonwalking my way into panties across the country.

in soviet russia, road forks you.

we made it to a rest stop about 20 miles to seattle for the night.

some chose the great outdoors but were rudely awakened by a cold, wet reminder of civilization.