its not a party unless grimace rolls.

luke usually isnt too far behind. he and grimace pretty much roll as a team.

following the setting sun.

every party needs a hooker.

stack is straightedge like every good screamo man, so he just holds down the fort, then peaces when he runs out of smokes.

yohji is in town for a few days.

rocking h.slimane fashions

the style is progressing, but she is hardly a full time smoker yet.

boys who attend parties lacking in the vagina department need to resort to sorry activites like card games. getting wasted regardless.

"oh devin, if you only knew how i felt..."

"he probably wouldnt love me back anyway...le sigh."


"hey trevor, shall we dance?"

"oh, that would be just fabulous graham!"

somethin bout the way you taste makes me wanna clear my throat.


lookin good!

grimace took ALOT of pictures of tara...

trevor plays it safe when he experiments with alcohol.

harvey seemingly loves to strip down.

alcohol and grass are not a winning combination, yet people continue to seek the spins.