"i can't think about that anymore, or about her tonight."

gus HATES bright eyes. totally bumming.

the teardrop tatto originated in prison; usually to signify a murder. in australia, it caries a much darker connotation. a teardrop can be
forcibly tattooed on convicts convicted of child molestation; a symbol of beatings to come and the tears that the convict will cry forever.
or it could just mean that youre really bitter about your mom giving you all those brownies as a child, leaving you overweight and emo.

mountain lion?

miles also snapped some pictures. sliceworld is on hold. his cam is being used for a top secret project involving a garden ornament.

oberst is like a god, man.

the hoody/blazer combination is a staple for this crowd. even though ive never really seen oberst rock it. he sticks mostly
to multiple hoodies, which are also catching on.

"fuck yeah, bright eyes!"