on the drive to cabo san lucas, we stopped at manuel's "pawn shop." manuel is a friend of my parent's who gives and sells trinkets
and crafts to passers by.

today he had a bag full of shark's teeth for monique, graydon and i and a bag of guano for my dad. guano is bat dung that aids plant fertilization.

more and more dogs kept showing up at our feet. this one was apparently doubling as a doll for manuel's granddaughter.

it's nails were painted.

and it's ear was pierced and infected. the poor thing cowered at the sight of manuel's menacing little granddaughter.

this little hellraiser was abusing the poor dogs to no end. with stiff kicks to the faces and torsos, the dogs seemed unfazed.
clearly, they are used to this atrocious behaviour.

the dogs are kept on leashes no more than a foot long. only long enough to reach a bucket of brown water. the attitudes towards
animals here is obvioulsy much different than im used to.

after the sickening scene with the dogs we decided to hit the road again.

the scenery is just gorgeous.

we made it to san jose del cabo for the night.

graydon snapped this.