while exploring the grounds surrounding the reserve, angus and i stumbled upon this massive garbage dump. located a couple of minutes into the forest.

a shitload of shit.

found where it belongs.

suddenly i smelled a smell. a smell far worse than any smell i had previoulsy smelled. my gaze caught this suspect freezer absolutley
teeming with flies. i slowly approached and decided that the smell was indeed coming from this freezer. the flies began to notice
my presence and attacked me with territorial rage. i fleed the scene immediatley, but my curiosity was running away with me. what was
the source of this abhorrent stench? i had to know........  












the smell was so terrible, and flies so aggressive that i couldnt even look into the freezer. i had to stick my arm up, shoot photo,
then turn heel and beat it. angus and i later saw a bear take a salmon for the freezer for some fine dinner.

thank god we rolled with purell.

on the open ocean.

our tour guide.