i haven't been to see any local talent for at least six years. but today, while running errands i saw an old friends
name on a gig poster. his name is vince vacarro and i havent seen him for ages. last i remember, he was touring with
holly mcnarland? the show was in 20 minutes, so i decided to lurk.

the first two acts were female...nuff said. sorry, but it's true. at least nowadays. ill give the better of the two a mention:

steph macpherson.

after sitting through the agonizing first two sets, i was quite eager to hear what the young males about town sound like.
i recognize this guy from somewhere. he was quite good. a funny bastard too. good with the audience.

the man i was here to see; vince vacarro. i see vince maybe once a year, if that. i know he can sometimes be spotted playing alone
in the university heights underground parkade late at night. a man with loads of talent and commercial appeal. i have no idea what he's
still doing here. much too talented to be lurking around victoria. his set was great. a real treat to see him again.