tonight was a night of consumption. fierce amounts of candy, cigarettes and psilocybin for some.

cheese and doags taste great.

the plan was to nab a garden gnome and "amelie" an unsuspecting victim. for those not familiar with
the film; basically, a gnome is stolen, then carted around the world, having it's picture taken with various
monuments. the photos are then sequentially mailed to the owner of the gnome. joe leaves for europe in a
couple of months and is taking the gnome along for the ride.

after staring at the gnome long enough, he starts to embody this eerily calm, but authoritative demeanor.

the bastard's got it so together its creepy

devin's parents donated this wonderful oil latern to the broshire. the gnome looks on approvingly...but not too approvingly.

stache report: 5 days.

allah derka derka muhammad jihad

the best time to drive is between the hours of 2 and 3am. you basically own the road.
aside from the obvious speed trapping, tax-payer money wastin police officers, youre the
king of the roadway. 'cause tony franciosa used to date my ma.